3 يناير , 2016   Video


مشروع ليلى (لبنان)

مش كل شي نفع ضاربة عين
و أنا بيني و بينك مليونين
غنيلي عن ألباتنجان
كل شي ما عدا كيف تعبان

الوضع بالمعاملتين
و أنا مني واقف تحت أمرين
أمير وملاك وسيستين
مش نافعة دخل ال مضربان


Remember when you told me
That you would marry me
Without money or a house
Remember when you loved me
Even though I wasn’t of your religion
Remember how we were
Remember when your mother
Caught me sleeping in your bed
And told me to forget about you
So we agreed to stay like that
Without roles or talks
Without neckties or morning chats

Without millions
Without dresses

You took my hand and promised me a revolution
How could you forget, how could you forget me?
You combed my hair
And sent me off
Comb me the way you comb yourself

Remember when you told me that you intend to leave me
Without money or a house


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